Inspiring African Stories

A Ugandan Engineer Nsamba Christopher Has Built The World’s Largest Baby Incubator, Carries 10 Babies At A Go.

A Ugandan innovator, researcher and engineer Nsamba Christopher, the founder and director of the African Space Research Program, is in the final stages of building what is going to be the largest and technologically advanced baby incubator in the world. It’s manufacture from the backyard of his home in Ntinda; where he built his workshop.

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An Insouciant African Union towards the plight of Bobi Wine

The African Union upon its founding on 26th may 2001 was seen as a beacon of hope and an ideal representation towards the cause of pan africanism and addressing the struggles for unhealthy political contestations as well. The objectives of the African Union are seventeen (17) altogether and are provided in Article 30 of the […]

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