Kelvin Odartei: The 18-Year-Old Ghanaian Who Built His Own Car Using Scrap Metals

This 18-year-old kid from Accra, Ghana named Kelvin Odartei created his own car from scratch using scrap metals with an estimated cost of around 8,000 Ghana Cedi (US$1383)

This 18-year-old Sierra Leonean inventor invented a fuel-free generator that uses no water, no solar-power, and it’s sound-free, 100% non-renewable, and CO²-free.

Born on the 25th July 2002 in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone. Mamadu Ndulador Bah is a Sierra Leonean inventor that invented a fuel-free generator that uses no fuel, water, oil, sun-power, and CO2 -free. Mamadu Ndulador Bah attended the Bassa Town Primary School, Waterloo.

A 24-year-old Sierra Leonean has Invented Sierra Leone’s first solar-powered car made out of trash

Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray is a 24-year-old self-taught Sierra Leonean inventor, engineer, renewable energy expert, and a student of the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Geology. He attained his high school certificate from the Methodist Boys High School, Freetown. It all started in 2018 when he built the first locally made solar-powered tricycle in Sierra. Fast forward 2020, Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray invented the first 'solar-powered' car in his country, Sierra Leone. His passion for the environment and to solve social issues affecting his community led him to invent the solar-powered car. He called the car 'The imagination Solar Car'.

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