A Ugandan Engineer Nsamba Christopher Has Built The World’s Largest Baby Incubator, Carries 10 Babies At A Go.

A Ugandan innovator, researcher and engineer Nsamba Christopher, the founder and director of the African Space Research Program, is in the final stages of building what is going to be the largest and technologically advanced baby incubator in the world. It’s manufacture from the backyard of his home in Ntinda; where he built his workshop.

How this South African accountant-turned-entrepreneur made over $1m making and selling shoes

At 29, Theo Baloyi has a made name for himself in South Africa as one of the thriving young entrepreneurs. His journey started when he met a French businessman with a shop at Durban Airport a few years ago. In a long conversation, the two of them talked about entrepreneurship and culture.

This 18-year-old Sierra Leonean inventor invented a fuel-free generator that uses no water, no solar-power, and it’s sound-free, 100% non-renewable, and CO²-free.

Born on the 25th July 2002 in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone. Mamadu Ndulador Bah is a Sierra Leonean inventor that invented a fuel-free generator that uses no fuel, water, oil, sun-power, and CO2 -free. Mamadu Ndulador Bah attended the Bassa Town Primary School, Waterloo.

Meet Dr. Thakgalo Thibela: The Youngest Active Female Doctor In South Africa At Age 21

In South Africa, A 21-year-old young and brilliant woman named Dr Thakgalo Thibela has already completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) degree and is currently practising at the Helen Joseph hospital in Johannesburg. This makes Dr Thakgalo Thibela the youngest active female doctor in South Africa, according to the spokesperson of The Health Practice Council of South Africa (HPCSA), Priscilla Sekhonyana who confirmed that Thibela was the youngest Active Dr currently on the IN Register.

You need to explore Sierra Leone!

The National Flag of Sierra Leone The Western Media have always potray the negative side of Africa and diverts focus from the sultry and applaudable features and the aura of nature and touristic sanity we enjoy as Africans. Sierra Leone,…

Jerry Mallo: Maker Of Nigeria’s First Luxury Sports Car And The First In West Africa

A 27-year-old Nigerian fabrication engineer and Chief Executive Officer of Bennie Technologies LTD. ,Jerry Issac Mallo made history by building the first Nigerian-made fiber sports car in Nigeria and West Africa. Jerry Issac Mallo was born in Plateau state in 1994. At the age of five, Jerry Mallo already knew he what he wanted - to work in the automotive industry. Growing up in a small village in Nigeria, Jerry Mallo started making toy cars with trash.

A Kenyan woman recycles plastic waste into bricks seven times stronger than concrete

Nzambi Matee is the founder of Gjenge Makers, a social enterprise that recycles and up-cycles waste plastic into construction products. Nzambi Matee is a materials engineer who designed her own machines. Nzambi Matee's factory produces 1,500 bricks each day, made from a mix of different kinds of plastic.

Black Woman Makes History by Becoming the First Doctor to Cure Cancer Using Nanoparticles

As we’re celebrating ‘Black History Month,’ this month we will be bringing you exclusive content celebrating black people that are doing amazingly well in Africa and outside the continent of Africa. Today, we celebrate Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green — a multi-disciplinary physicist and the second African American woman to graduate with a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham whose extraordinary genius work has made her the first person to successfully cure cancer using laser-activated nanoparticles.

How I saved 1,268 Hutu and Tutsi refugees from the Rwandan genocide

The Rwandan genocide lasted for approximately 100 days and it claimed around 500,000 to 1.2 million lives of Rwandans caught between the massive ravaging of the Hutu led interhamwe militia. Paul Rusesabagina was one of nine children born to a…

Meet Iddris Sandu: A 23-year-old Ghanaian Tech Genius Behind Uber, Snapchat, And Instagram, And Creator Of The World’s First Smart Retail Store

Iddris Sandu was born in 1997 in Accra, Ghana. He is a Ghanaian architectural technologist. He was born in Accra, Ghana, and raised in Compton in Los Angeles, California. He created the world’s first smart retail store experience along with Nipsey Hussle. The store is called "The Marathon Store".

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