Young Kenyan innovators create robotic arms to support persons with disabilities

Two young Kenyan innovators have started an initiative which will contribute immensely towards the campaign to make life easier for persons living with disabilities.

The innovators, David Gathu and Moses Kinua who live about 30killiometers from Nairobi have built functioning robotic arms; many people are amazed by the technical knowledge of these two young boys who reportedly did not acquire any form of tertiary education.

When asked about what their motivation was, Moses explained that they have found out that there are almost one million people living without an upper limb or a lower limb and was wondering how to assist them to “locomote in their daily activities.” This led to the discovery of the groundbreaking solution.

Explaining the technicalities behind the innovation, David said that, all humans have certain activities going on in the head; a device was created to pick such signals and pass it through certain defined processes before feeding the robotic arm.

They however disclosed that they do not have the capacity to produce with the right high-quality materials; currently, they produce the robotic arms from discarded computer parts, “plywood, plastic and leather from bags”.
“If we get the right funding with the right laboratory, with the right ground of getting the resources and the funding to move on with our dream, that will be the greatest joy in our heart,” Moses said in an interview with a BBC reporter.

Watch their interview with K24 TV here:

Credit: Eyegambia

Abu Bakarr Jalloh

I am a Sierra Leonean freelance writer and storyteller. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am passionate in telling inspiring African stories across the continent, and also tell the stories of Africans outside the continent. And also tell stories of African civilization. You can contact me on email: On WhatsApp: +23279777058

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