The invention of a secondary school student named Simon Petrus got Namibia’s social media abuzz for the right reasons. Simon Petrus created a mobile phone that works with radio frequencies, no sim card nor airtime credit required. Calls can be made to anyone, anywhere, without interruptions, as long as they are done in an area with radiofrequency.

The invention, which took two years for him to complete, was put together using scraps of old television and mobile phones, and required over $2,000 funding from his unemployed parents who sacrificed a lot to ensure their son’s project was successful.

Other than the sim-less phone, Petrus’ invention is a whole unit comprising of the working radio, television, the light bulb, a fan, and a socket. According to reports, the phone is not Petrus’ first invention. In 2015, the young man won first place at a competition for young innovators in Namibia for creating a machine that doubles as a seed drier and a cooler.

Simon Petrus clinched won first place at the regional level for his “free-to-call” phone in 2016. “When he won in 2015, some judges thought that there was an engineer at home who was helping him. But the only help he has is from us the teachers here at school. He came up with his project,” Taimi Vatileni, Petrus’s science teacher told New Era.

Vatileni also described the young inventor as an average student “in general”, but one who led his peers in the sciences. Petrus aspires to become an electronics engineer after school.

Indeed Namibia is currently boasting a good number of young innovators and a variety of revolutionary projects. In 2015, a Namibian student, Gerson Mangundu, developed the country’s social network site – Namhook. In 2014, Josua Nghaamwa built a satellite booster with scraps to enhance internet connectivity in the rural areas of Namibia where there are weak signals.

Also, at Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School, where Simon Petrus is a student, a young lady, Adreheid Hamutumwa made a bath soap with indigenous plant roots and animal fat. Her invention won third place at the regional level of the NamPower competition for innovators in 2016.

Abu Bakarr Jalloh

I am a Sierra Leonean freelance writer and storyteller. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am passionate in telling inspiring African stories across the continent, and also tell the stories of Africans outside the continent. And also tell stories of African civilization. You can contact me on email: abubakarrj1997@gmail.com On WhatsApp: +23279777058


  1. This is great, I feel we should do all we can to help these young ones , to achieve more. Let all Africans support them and give them all that will make them become accepted as we patronised their products.


  2. this young man should be supported by the goverment as when these phones are on the market tax will be used by all.


  3. LMFAO so it doesn’t use radio frequency but needs to be used in an area with radio frequency coverage? That makes zero sense. There is no better joke than the phrase “african inventor”


  4. Congratulations for the results of your hard work, may the LORD who gives knowledge continue to increase you and grant you favour to accomplish what He started in you in Jesus mighty name.
    Willing to support as I can by God’s grace.


  5. Wow, this is great. I hope he will not be taken advantage of. I hope he will be greatly rewarded for his invention. When will this phone be available and what’s the cost?


  6. I think he should be supported by us Africans first, then to make money with that is to make more phones but that works temporary. And it will speed up our continental progress. Cuz communication would be easy.


  7. Excellent, he should stay home in Africa, study, research and become the engineer he needs to be and not be lured away by the muzungo to their country to benefit them and not us.


  8. Good day,it is with such great Joy to find an articles of this calibre that promotes Africa by Africans.I would love to be a part of your great work as I have been trying to promote Africans in all I can.


  9. Thank you fellow ingenious Africans. Hope to join and support the work massively.
    We have to be respected at the global stage by reason of such mind blowing creativity


  10. If Africa and corporate institutions in Africa promoted and developed an invention culture eversince they became independent, our economies would be very far by now. That will mean every young person would aspire to be an inventor.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow. This is good news coming out of my country. Africa is so blessed with abundance no matter the field.


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