A 20-year-old Zambian has created a programming language that allows people to write computer codes in native African languages

Mathews Chishinji was born in Zambia Copperbelt in the province of Kitwe. He was born in 2000. Mathews Chishinji attended the Chimwemwe Secondary School in Kitwe, and later proceeded to his High School at the Chelston Secondary School, Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. Driven by the passion for computer programming and software development from an early age, Mathews Chishinji of Zambia came up with this project and created a Hawking programming language which now makes it possible for Africans to write in their indigenous languages on computer.

Hawking programming language is a programming language that allows people to write computer code in native African languages. “The reason why I made it is because not every African person is having the Rowling tongue to speak European languages. It’s easier to express an idea with something you understand than something that feels like a leme punishment,” Mathews Chishinji told me.

The first version was in his native Zambian language, Bemba.

He continued saying, “Not to just embrace our community, but to also have a self-reliance of who we are and what we can do; Programming language is like English expressions for that reason, it’s even easier to translate an epic ideological path of educative learners.”

Hawking programming language has almost anything a twenty-first-century generation can need: Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are to be subjected. The language has yearly updates, and a target to reach as many African lands as possible.

I asked him what message he has for the African continent, this is what he told me:

“The message I have for young people mostly teenagers is that as long as they believe, they can archive almost anything, there is no limitation to dreams, I started writing a bit of computer code when I was 14 years old. Ever since I have learned that, with interest and the right tools at the right time, anything is achievable. Young people need to see education as an important tool for their success in life. Without having an educational mind we will have a certain of challenges as Africans. Young minds should also positively use technology, and not in a selfish manner.

With the respect I have for my fellow African programmers out there, I am sure we do have people that are more knowledgeable than me and doing better, so what I can say is, at the moment this is my main focus. At least one thing at a time.”

Features of the Programming Language:

  • Hawking programming is a console and GUI programming language.
  • You can write computer code in Almost every Africans Language.
  • It’s easy to use: The syntax of the Language is well defined and easy to understand.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Has well-planned documentation.
  • It’s a nonprofit language.
  • Has yearly updates for better user development.
  • It’s faster and easy to fix.
  • It’s a light weighing language.

If you want to contact him, click here


  1. It’s sad to see how some of us are negatively commenting on the success of our own. If it was an African we would have been praising but because it’s an African we putting up negative comments. Let’s learn to support our own. My brother keep it up and may God bless you with more wisdom.


  2. Thanks to all the positive and negative comments, I promise to take the positive ones for personal betterment, because I personally know that they are coming from mature minds and from people that are living real lives, other even been parents.

    We live a life where freedom of speech should be embraced and practiced, to the negative comments, those are you opinions too, and I defiantly need a bit of negativity to grow in both life and career wise, I expected this, public publication is structured like this, so I had to be ready.

    Also thanks to those that have tried out the first phase of the language, your feedbacks where amazing and encouraging, I hope to have the strength and knowledge to further this project, and bring in people the that are more knowledgeable than I do to help.

    Thank you and love you all.

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  3. Fascinating! The biggest problem we have is we will most likely only hear once about this and it will be forgotten. He has created something but what is the way forward and how does he plan to add value to our African socities. These are sad African stories!


  4. It’s so scary how fellow African’s are busy saying scammer and other negative vibes. We can atleast draw closer to see how this works and try it than throwing punches on the young arising star. Great work and Africa is behind you


  5. Genius and what a courageous young man. To be able to do this is fearless high degree of commitment to African development. A respectful joyous standing ovation to you and to all the young minds brains in Africa we have hope we have light in this tunnel.
    I can breathe now..Phew and I can’t wait to use it. Keep innovating young man keep moving.


  6. Congratulations to him, but the problem is the logic of the languages of Africa.
    Normally west languages or colonial languages are quite structure logically than our languages.

    Congratulations again to him, I wish him all best place to develop our languages.

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