The Transatlantic Slave trade was the second greatest evil unleashed on Africans starting from the 15th century. This tragedy caused Africans pains for over 400 years. Many Africans lost their families, culture, tradition, ancestral teachings and relations.

After the end of the inhuman trade, many Africans in America could not trace their way back rather they naturalize and became citizens of America. When the white man came to Africa with his slave ship but with the pretence of spreading Christianity and trading, some of our African kings out of ignorance and greed, sold black Africans to them just because of their greed for material properties such as Walking Stick, Dry Gin, Gun Powder and other materials.

This was the first stage of the trade but as the white Europeans keep entering African communities and started gaining grounds, they began raiding Communities in Africa and took black Africans as slaves with force. Before going into details of the atrocities that Africans faced during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, it is important to analyse a brief introduction of the History of the Arab Slave Trade.The Arab slave trade have already started in Africa over 700 years ago before the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This slave trade started when the Arabs first invaded North Africa in the 7th century. The Arab first entry point into Africa was through Egypt.

An Arab General named General Amir Aben Alas, invaded Egypt in December 639 A.D with only 4000 soldiers. Amir successfully conquered Egypt and went ahead and conquered other places such as Tunisia and Western Libya. After those areas were conquered by the Arabs, they imposed tributes of 360 slaves in all regions they occupied and controlled.

This act continued to develop and expanded to a much larger demand. To keep up with this demand, Africans were taken as slaves to further South and places like Mali, Senegal, Chad and even Northern Nigeria. African slaves were used as sexual slaves and domestic house help to Arab traders.

Sometimes, whenever any African slave is sick, it’s owner will quickly put a bullet in their head. It has been estimated that from the 10th to the 19th century, 6 and 7 thousand slaves were transported each year and each time African slaves under Arab slave traders cross the desert, thousand died even before they get water to drink. The Arab slave trade was absolutely very devastating to African People.

As of the Transatlantic Slave Trade historically, it is said that Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal, came up with the idea of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. He made Portugal the first European country to engage in the slave trade from the mid 15th century precisely in the 1480s. Africans were taken against their will and forced on to slave ships.

The African slaves were then transported across the Atlantic ocean. Slavery was supported and made legal by the European Government and Monarchy. Captain John Hawkins was the first English man who made the first slave trade voyage to Africa from 1555 to 1562 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First.

He was given a ship named Jesus Of Lubeck. He was called the first Transatlantic Slave Trader because he was the man who formed a triangular root across the ocean. In other to understand what the triangular or Transatlantic Slave Trade means, one needs to understand that it was three continent that was involved which were Europe, Africa and America.

For instance, the European slave traders, will leave the European port and journey to the West African coast. There, they will capture and forcefully pack lots of Africans into their ship and journey to America.

When they get to America, those Africans who survived the journey will be sold out to build the American plantations and industries and the ship will go back to Europe with goods such as sugar, coffee, tobacco, rice, cotton which were all produced by African slaves in America. This is what is described as the Triangular or Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Millions of Africans were forced against their will and were sold to work brutally in American and European plantations. For instance in 1555 under the name of Christianity, John Hawkins who is also an English Christian missionary arrive in Africa precisely Sierra Leone.

When he arrived, the innocent African people were engaging in their traditional ceremony. In the process of relating with them, he started preaching about Jesus Christ and Christianity and was able to sweet-talk them. The villagers were carried away by his gospel.

Seeing how they have fell completely, he asked how many of them will follow him and accept Jesus and be saved, 500 Africans from their pure and innocent mind, agreed to follow him and that was how he mischievously took them to America and enslaved them all. Inside their Ship of slave trade, they chained our African Ancestors like dogs and cattle.

They caged our mothers, sisters and brothers and kept them with rodents and insects. They raped and sodomized our parents in their European slave ship. Africans were reduced to the lowest animals ever and subjected to brutal savagery and complete barbarism. African Ancestors died and tyranny was unleashed on them in the slave ship.

History recorded that over 10 million Africans were drown to death by the European slave masters during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The European reptilian, vulturish and vampire eyes, sucked the very life blood of African people. African little black infant babies were snatched from their mothers and sexually molested and viciously raped in front of their helpless parents by European homosexuals and pedophiles.

African fathers, brothers, daughters, mothers and uncles were sodomized into barbaric sexuality. African boys and girls were forced by the white man to have sexual intercourse together so that the girls will be pregnant and have a slave child for the European slave master. This was a vicious humiliation of generations of African people under white supremacy for over 400 years.

Our mothers and sisters were sexually abused everyday in the ship by European sex addicts and inflicted Africans with the most barbaric sodomized sexual violence. The religion of the European Slave Masters condole all these evil that was why the Christian missionaries could not speak when their fellow whites were taking Africans as slaves rather, they were busying using their Bible to brainwash Africans to be silent and blindly accept every treatment from the white man.

Our people and Ancestors were killed and mothers brutalized in the name of their white Jesus. According to Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Desmond Tutu of South Africa, when they said we should close our eyes to pray, after praying, we opened our eyes, we found bible in our hands and they seized and conquered our lands in the name of their white Jesus just as they rape our mothers in the name of their white Jesus and their science justified it intoto. We were caged and butchered like meat to be used for their pseudoscientific experimentation in Europe and America.

We Africans must know our historical background. A people who do not know their history are programmed to go into extinction. Today under the hypocrisy and pretence of white democracy, they have continued their onslaught. Under the pretence of human right, the dehumanization of African people continue.

Under the pretence of foreign aid, international relations and foreign investment, they have invaded our lands with their multinational capitals, companies and industries with the hypocrisy of development but with the secret intentions of sucking the resources of Africa and keeping our economy under dependency and underdevelopment.

Under the mischief of constitutionalism and international diplomacy, the plunder, theft, brutality and atrocities continues. They spite on the memories of our Ancestors and forefathers by arrogantly rooting our cultures and tradition of our people out of us.

The education of the White slave masters is a system of misinformation and miseducation which is an instrument used for mass indoctrination and brainwashing of Africans yesterday and today.

Their English law establish their repugnance doctrines which they use to remove all those moral systems in Africa that they declared as barbaric and unnatural rather, they legalized their laws that encouraged injustices, corruption with their English judicial system as their stronghold.

Africans must read their history. Africans must look backward to understand their present and protect their future against modern colonialism and mental slavery. This is the only way we can arrive at African Renaissance.

By Precious Ebenezer

Abu Bakarr Jalloh

I am a Sierra Leonean freelance writer and storyteller. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am passionate in telling inspiring African stories across the continent, and also tell the stories of Africans outside the continent. And also tell stories of African civilization. You can contact me on email: On WhatsApp: +23279777058

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